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Identity at the heart of

Your Business

Organizations can offer customers frictionless, relationship driven, secure and legally compliant experiences, throughout the customer's entire life cycle.



Automate your customer on-boarding (KYC, PII) process, in any country, using any form of identification.

Faster and more efficient

1 minute KYC

Gone are the days where compliance has to dictate your processes.

Outsource your compliance

Focus on core

Our ecosystem allows organizations to manage customers from on-boarding (KYC, PII), digital contracting to account management, all from a single integrated solution.

Single persistent

Customer View

With a single persistent view of the customer, organizations can focus more time on customer acquisition, cross-selling and retaining existing customers.

Digital Identity in a

post-COVID era

The problem

Organizations are required to build trust with their customers, sell their products and services, be compliant whilst doing so, whilst dealing with poor data quality from customers, and then protect the customers' identity.

The above are required without compromizing on Risk, Customer Experience, Operational spend, Reputation or Security.

$3.1 trillion

The cost of poor quality data in U.S companies in 2016.

$500 million

Some financial firms are spending on Know Your Customer due diligence compliance.


of total AML cost associated with bad data handling.


of Risk Professionals time is wasted finding data, correcting errors and validating against trusted sources.

Take the First Step to the

Future of identity

We enable your company to onboard customers quicker and cheaper whilst lowering risk and maximising customer experience.

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Contactable offers SMEs faster and more cost effective customer on-boarding and validation solutions, whilst giving the customer full control of their personal data.

Customer on-boarding

Use our Android and iOS apps to automate your KYC. Customers will be on-boarded in a minute and your organization will realize savings.

Customer validation

Ensure your customers comply with international and local regulatory requirements.

Integrated solutions

Keep your corporate identity and provide an integrated solution using our APIs. Use our ecosystem to your benefit.

Know Your Customer

KYC your customers using any form of identity in the world, from anywhere in the world.


Focus on your core business whilst complying with international and local regulations.

Business verification

Conduct light juristic validation and director verification. Store your transactional documentation and offer signature authorisations on a mobile device.

Product overview

By the time you've read this product overview, we would have on-boarded a new customer.

Step 1

Take a selfie

You don't even need a selfie stick for this.

Step 2

Scan ID or Passport

The user scans any form of identification, from anywhere in the world. Contactable then retrieves the user's identity and related documentation from local authorities.

Step 3

Upload KYC documentation

The user uploads his/her proof of address/utilities bill or similar KYC documentation.

Step 4

Conduct a liveness test

The user completes multiple video tests to validate he/she is a living individual.

Ongoing maintenance

Accurate and up-to-date

On-boarded client's information is available to your organization. It is kept in sync as the client's personal information changes.


We have solutions for all of the following industries:

Public sector

Manage citizens' Identity documents, passports and drivers licences. Reduce queues at home-affairs, conduct e-voting without big setup and infrastructure costs.

Financial services

Fully automated on-boarding. Customer has access to all financial services products. Product activation and authorizations done from customer’s phone.


Fully automated on-boarding. Customer has access to all financial services products. KYC information updated in one place - one click - and all participants in ecosystem can receive the updated information.


Onboard customers and validate identity, sim swaps, products activation, etc.

Health care

Manage patient records securely and integrate with medical aid. Identity can be used to checkin anywhere.


Students are on-boarded and identities created digitally (no more queues). Students can access course material electronically.

Motor vehicle

Paperless vehicle delivery using biometrics, fully digital vehicle rentals, vehicle contracts signed digitally, immediate access to Insurance.

Real estate

Fully digital legal process, fully KYC compliant, integrated with financial services.


ISO 27001

Our security complies with the latest internationally accepted standards.

FIPS 140-2 level 3

Our cryptographic modules complies with U.S. government computer security standard.

Secure Vault

Secure digital e-Vaults to manage all documents, contracts and identity information.


Access to our data and services is controlled using biometric data.


We use 256-bit SHA encryption and never store any passwords.

Trusted AATL/AEC certificates

Tamper proof data exchange from mobile to data storage using advanced Adobe Approved Trusted List (AATL) / Advanced Electronic certificates (AEC).

White paper

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Frequently asked questions

Contactable complies with acts such as GDPR and POPI. A customer has full control over their information and can choose who has access to what.

See our solution in action!

The team

Shaun Strydom

Founder & CEO

A Chartered Accountant and ex Deloitte Partner with a passion for people, business and a serial entrepreneur at heart. An extensive corporate career holding various senior executive positions at large organizations with a focus on private equity, corporate finance, business turnarounds, investment banking and portfolio management in Africa, Europe and the USA. Has founded and established various businesses including Contactable. Passionate about digital transformation.

Jason Shedden


Jason Shedden is an ex Investment Banker turned Technology Enthusiast. He has a strong history in operations across multiple industries and has a strong belief that surrounding yourself with the best of the best is the only way to achieve great success. Jason has spent many years studying corporate qualitative risk and uses this knowledge to define and shape a strong organizational culture that speaks to key employee traits like ownership, integrity, and trust. These cornerstone characteristics constitute the foundation stone that defines Contactable's success.

Johan Grobler

Chief Architect

Johan achieved a degree in Informatics and has 21 years’ experience in designing, building and implementing enterprise systems. He is passionate about the design and implementation of software that works for the end-user in a hyper scaling environment utilising combinations of NoSQL and SQL data stores, micro services and containerization on open cloud architectures.

Anita du Preez

Chief Legal & Risk Officer, DPO

Anita is an experienced legal, risk management and compliance professional with a demonstrated history of working in the international for-profit and non-profit sectors. As a qualified lawyer, Anita is Contactable’s Data Protection Officer. She holds qualifications in risk management, governance, management and a Master of Laws (LLM). Anita is a member of the UK Institute of Risk Management.

Scott Gibson

Chief Commercial Officer

Scott joined Contactable after 19 years in the Dimension Data Group where he held numerous roles such as VP of Finance, MD of Conscripti and CEO and shareholder of Britehouse. His last role at Dimension Data was as the Group Executive responsible for DD’s global digital and application competence, ranging from digital advisory, cloud application services, advanced analytics, application implementations, application outsourcing, enterprise mobility, and application support. Scott also ran Dimension Data’s Sports Practice delivering the analytics solution at the Tour de France and Team Dimension Data for Qhubeka. As CCO at Contactable, Scott is responsible for all customer and partner relationships and is passionate about delivering a solution that drives business outcomes for all stakeholders.

Magda Kruger

Head of Quality

Magda heads up the Quality department and ensures that the User Experience is of the best standard.

Our ethos

We live and breathe these values:

We build trusted technology solutions for all customers and celebrate excellence.

We make the right decisions to build an ethical business and drive sustainable growth for all our customers.

Success is more important than ego; we work as a team – across cultures and time zones.

We are not afraid of different perspectives to sharpen our ideas.

We don’t hide behind email, instead we pick up the phone.

We create our own path and won’t be slowed down – we drive innovation and are cutting edge.

We launch fast and iterate.

We talk straight and fix our mistakes.

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