For you.

5 Solid reasons why Contactable is for yours truly.

Stay Contactable

Stay in Control

All your contacts.
1 Single Point of Control.

If your Number, Email, or Physical Address details change, all it takes is a click of a button, UPDATE, and all your contact details will automatically update the address books of all your Clinked individuals or UPDATE organisations instantly.

Easily Restore

Bought a new phone with a different operating system?

Phone broken or stolen? Changed network?

No problem, Contactable is completely cross platform and service provider compatible.

Download the App, log in, press ‘Update’ and all your Clinked contacts will automatically be added to your device’s address book.

It’s as easy as that.


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Stay Unique


A C-Tag™ is a personal signature that is used to share all your contact details.


It’s unique to every individual or organisation.


Purchase a custom C-Tag™ for just $0.99!


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Simple to Use

There are 5 different ways to share your contact details with individuals or organisations: Via C-Tag, Near Me, QR Code, Email or SMS

Once they’ve accepted your
invite, you’re both Clinked.