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With Contactable, your Organisation gets:


A fully interactive back end content management system and database

Access from any desktop, any time

Control of the information that you share with your database, the ability to access and download your contacts details and POPI information

To send fully customisable questionnaires directly to your target market.

Powerful. Instant. Secure.

When a Clinked contact changes any of their details, your organisation's database will update automatically, ensuring the information on the database is always up-to-date. The same benefit applies when your organisation's details change, Clinked contacts will automatically receive your updated details…

This happens in real time - As soon as information changes or becomes available, your database will be updated and you and your organisation will have access to the information immediately.

Whether it be the details of your contacts (such as their C-Tag, Full Name, Contact Number and Email address) or the results of a questionnaire, Contactable allows you to download this information as an Excel document.


POPI Samsung Galaxy s6 Edge

In light of the current and ever-evolving legislative environment, Contactable allows Clinked contacts to set both Marketing and Communication Permissions between themselves and individual Organisations.

We take care of this for you and your clients by being 100% POPI compliant. Your Clinked contacts have the choice to select whether or not they want to receive information about your goods and services and can choose how they want to receive it, via SMS, Email, Post or Fax.

Customised Data

Contactable allows organisations to solicit customised information directly from Clinked contacts through the App, resulting in true, realtime results.

Once sent, your database has the choice, with zero time constraints, in which to view the data. This is done through the Content Management System, simply type in the custom data you want and update the request to the app.

All the custom data is then available to download in an excel format.

Broadcast To

Improve customer data quality - no more posts

No More Post undelivered to your database

Improve customer data quality - No more calls

No more calls to numbers that don’t exist

Improve customer data quality - No more Paperwork

LESS PAPERWORK for clients to update their details by

Through the Contact Management System, your organisation has the ability to send one-way, broadcast messages to all your clicked contacts. No money wasted on SMS’s sent to non-existent numbers, and the guarantee that you reach your target audience.

For example:
A retailer will send their Clinked contacts a broadcast message informing them of a special or promotion.
An organisation will send all of their Clinked staff members an important message.


Users can upload important documents directly to the App, where they can choose to share them with your organisation.

Whether it’s their ID Book, Proof of Residency, Passport or Marriage Certificate - Contactable allows for a quicker, more efficient and effective flow of information between you and your customers!

We are 100% committed to complying with FICA, so the moment a document is uploaded it is sent to Law Trust to receive its stamp of authenticity to ensure all documents are credible and secure.

Easily Contactable


A C-Tag™ is a personal signature that is unique to every organisation or individual.

It’s used to store all your organisation’s contact details, how neat is that?

The best part is, people can access any of your organisation’s contact details so easily, and they

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