About Us

Contactable platform – in short …

The Digital Revolution is transforming everything we do

  • Fully digital, secure and regulatory-compliant (FICA) digital identities created using a customers smartphone or tablet
  • Regulatory compliant customer onboarding – Can adapt for different legislations in different geographic locations
  • Blockchain integrated and Compliant with FIPS 140-2 level 3 – Unique ability to issue Advanced Electronic Digital certificates using a smartphone or tablet
  • Real time and authenticated data updates using a secure digital vault and integrated platform – transfer and update data from source in real time, anywhere
  • Platform creates unique and integrated customer ecosystems enabled with further product features for organisations and individuals
  • Independent data verification including digital face to face
  • Developed over 8 years and successfully incubated by the Technology Innovation Agency. All in-house IP
  • Platform globally relevant and industry agnostic – various use cases
  • Live client market adoption